Your Roadmap to Self-Actualization

Try as I might, I can’t capture Nietzsche’s crazy-eyed stare.

It’s been months since I’ve posted and I have missed sharing with you. Rest assured, I have not been idle. The past few months have been a time of introspection and intense self-work. I have read deeply and widely, deepened my meditation practice, journaled, and engaged in self-reflection. I have also been working on new strategies for my business that we believe will help more people. Now I have emerged from my navel-gazing cocoon and over the next few months will share much of what I have learned with you. Over the next few months, we will be exploring the following topics:

This is me with an even better video explanation of what you are reading!

Changing Your Physical State In Order to Change Your Mental State

In this series, we will explore the relationship between the body and the mind and how positive action on the physical level can improve your mental state. Conversely, positive mental well-being contributes to physical health. I will break down some of my routines for creative positive energy on the micro as well as the macro level.

Understanding and Deepening Consciousness

This series will explain what we mean when we talk about consciousness. Consciousness means different things to different people and we will dissect the many different levels of consciousness. In addition, we will outline a playbook for expanding your consciousness physically, spiritually, psychologically, mentally, and emotionally. Through consciousness, you will develop greater awareness of self and connection to the world. You may even develop strange powers, but I’m not making any promises…

Reawakening Spirituality

Since the dawn of humanity, human beings have explained existence through stories containing gods, spirits, unseen forces, and divine causation. Philosophers, theologians, and social scientists have identified a believe in the divine as a basic human need and an ingredient for happiness. However, due to many forces, many people have turned away from and have questioned traditional religion. This section will delve into different ways that people are finding to reconnect with the spiritual and improve the quality of their lives.

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