My Power Lunch

I’m in between games for one of my sons’ soccer tournaments and preparing for a mediation next week. As a result, today’s post will be a short one. Today, I would like to share one of my power lunches that I turn to when I need something quick, healthy, and that will not leave me feeling drowsy. It is high in healthy fats, proteins, fiber, and full of vitamins. Here is the recipe:

A huge handful of kale (remove the stems or use baby kale)

One sliced Haas avocado

One full can of pole caught sardines in olive oil (drain the olive oil).

Drizzle the salad with organic olive oil

Top with Himalayan salt and fresh cracked pepper.

Top off with raw pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds.

Here’s a picture:

If you don’t like sardines, you can always substitute tuna. However, with tuna you have to watch out for mercury content. Enjoy and prepare to rock the rest of your day.

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