Be Two Times As Good

Do you want to have more energy, more focus, more stamina, and more time to do the things that you really want to do?   200 Percent You will provide power tools to help you improve your life by sharing foundational and cutting edge information on nutrition, fitness, cognitive function, efficiency, and balance.


The western diet sucks.  Epidemic levels of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease tell us so.  The western diet is packed with cheap mass produced foods that spring from an agricultural system that resembles a factory more than a farm.  Our diets are loaded with extra sugar, ingredients that you can’t pronounce, preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and foods that have been modified from their natural state so much as to be unrecognizable.  This site will endeavor to help you make better food choices to help maximize your energy levels, gain strength, lose weight, and live longer.


Behind nutrition, fitness is the second pillar upon which 200 Percent You is based.  We’ll help you break out of the same tired routine and take the best from extreme endurance, functional fitness, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, and mobility.

Cognitive Function

200 Percent You will help you improve your brain power through tools such as meditation, learning strategies, nootropics, and the latest cognitive function research. Learn to focus, get more done and make better decisions.


Get more done so that you can accomplish more and possibly even….leave work early.  200 Percent You will help you escape the hamster wheel of e-mail and social media so that you can concentrate on the things that will truly propel you forward.


While productivity and efficiency are important, they are meaningless if you don’t have time to do things that bring you meaning and joy.  In addition, you cannot have maximum performance without periods of restoration.  200 Percent You will show you how to bring more balance into your life and actually have some fun!


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