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I started 200percentyou.com in 2017 to help people with topics like exercise, fitness, mental health, spiritualism, and enjoyment of life. We are eclectic, sometimes irreverent, and yes, even sometimes, wrong. If you like our content, don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page.

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Emotional Maturity

In her book, How to Do the Work, Dr. Nicole LePera, says that “the fundamental aspect of emotional maturity is the ability to be aware of and regulate our emotions in order to allow others to express themselves. Or simply the ability to tolerate all of our emotions without losing control….” And yet, when these […]

Learning How to Move Past Conflict in a Relationship

With Valentines Day in the rearview mirror, romantic relationships are on many people’s minds. Many times we like to imagine the perfect romantic relationship as one in which we never fight or disagree. However, this does not exist. Every relationship contains conflict because relationships involve two people who necessarily are different. Conflict is inevitable. Rather, […]

Take a Mental Health Day

Another side of consciousness is the ability to recognize the negative patterns and thoughts that creep into our minds and look for their roots. Once you understand these things, you can stop the playback reel. When I was eighteen and nearly failed out of my first year at the University of Alabama, I was “forced” […]

Consciousness: The Search for Who You Are

Many people have periods in their lives where they turn inward and question who they are. This self-inquisition can originate in almost any set of circumstances and comes about not as a result of the circumstances themselves but as a result of the reaction of internal psychic forces to these circumstances. Other people explore this […]


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